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((ooc: Hey, I'm back!!!))

((ooc post))

Hey everyone!  I'm SO SO SO sorry it took me so long to get back here.  I am finally all moved and I just got internet installed yesterday.  Moving is the biggest pain in the world, but after lots of tears, lots of arguing, and lots of alcohol, my boyfriend and I are all settled in (for now) in our new place.  I see a lot has changed with the mod and everything, I'll probably spend tonight trying to catch up on everything before I make a new post.  Sorry again and I hope everyone is doing well!




Okay, so I was re-reading the e-mails that we all received from the CDC when I noticed something a little funny about them.  Why are the messages from the Dunder Mifflin e-mail server and not something like "cdc.gov?"  I also did quite a bit of researching about "Norovirus" and it seems to be nothing more than the common stomach flu... you know the one you were able to just stay home from school for ONE day and feel better?

I'm getting a little suspicious about all of this.  I don't want to say something rash... but let me just ask this straight out:

Michael, did you send out a fake e-mail so we would be forced to have an office party since we didn't come to the one in your "dugout?"

Please be honest with us all.  If this is true, then we will all continue to comply... if not, well, we'll get to that.  Anyone else notice anything funny about all of this or am I just being paranoid?

A Note to Pam

I'm sorry to hear about your crazy storm situation.  I hope you are doing okay and not getting too scared.  This being quarantined situation is really ridiculous.  Sounds more like someone had the plain old flu and it's being completely blown out of proportion. 

Listen, I want you to know that we do miss you at the office... and not just because you have such a firm hand with Michael.  Please stay well and let us know how you are doing.

Open to Dwight

Angela sat on her couch, staring at the telephone.  She hadn't heard from Dwight since she had broke the news to the office that she and Andy had broken up.  Of course she hadn't been able to say anything at work, in case anyone caught on.  Slowly she lifted the phone off the receive and dialed the number she knew oh so well.  Her heart pounded as she listened to the phone ring.

Attention Staff of Dunder-Mifflin

Just a small personal note that I would like to make to everyone.  Mr. Andrew Bernard and myself have talked things over and have decided against getting married.  We are no longer in a romantic relationship together and would appreciate everyone's cooperation in our time of need. 

Please refrain now from:
   -Calling us a "couple"
   -Inviting us to places together
   -Automatically seating us together
   -Referring to the other person as our "boyfriend," "girlfriend," or "fiancee"

Thank you very much.


I apologize for the caps lock on the title but I needed everyone's attention.

As you may have heard, Michael has put in an application to have Pam transferred to New York.  Now, I'll be honest.  I didn't really like Pam when she first started at Dunder Mifflin; and even now, we are not best friends or anything.  She may spend too much time with personal conversations and the like but Pam has proven herself to be a hard worker.  I have never missed a fax or a phone call thanks to her.  For those of you who have been around for a long time, do you remember the receptionist before Pam?  I constantly was trying to find phone numbers and faxes, but now things have been running much smoother.

This is a request to Michael: please do not transfer Pam.  Anyone else that agrees with me, go ahead and leave a comment sharing your feelings.  Thank you.
I once saw two male birds fighting, while a female looked on.  They went at each other for several minutes when all of a sudden, the female flew away.  As soon as she was gone, the two males stopped fighting.. no bad blood between them, no hard feelings.

Attention Party Planning Committee

So Pam and Jim are finally going to get married.  Didn't we all predict this like three years ago?

So now's the time to get your ideas in for an office bridal shower for Pam.  I guess some of us are lucky enough to get two.  If you have any ideas or wish to donate to the budget, just let me know.  Thanks!
Been doing a lot of thinking.  Dwight, I think you and I need to talk, if that's okay.

I really hope this week is not too stressful.  Please don't do anything stupid this week, Michael.  We're all stressed out enough as it is.

Oh, and Holly, I really look forward to sitting down with you and discussing some things that need to be changed around the office.
It's amazing how you can sometimes find comfort in the most unexpected places.  Thank you.

I really need to talk to Andy, but I can't bring myself to dial the number.  Perhaps I should talk to him tomorrow at work where there is less of a chance of him getting overly upset.  Then again, the last thing I need is everyone knowing all of my business in a place like that.  My mind has been so hectic, I forget if anyone's birthday is coming up soon.  Planning ANOTHER party right now would not be fun.  Does anyone have an upcoming birthday I should know about?  If you do, please let me know and NOT Michael.  The last thing I need is Michael interfering with anything I'm doing. 

Speaking of Michael, did you hear that Jan is pregnant, and it's not Michaels?  Doesn't surprise me.  Big fake chest like that, you'd expect her to be a whore.  How is she going to feed the baby?  Disgusting.  Don't expect me to go baby-crazy over that bundle of sin.  Let me put it on the record that the women of Dunder-Mifflin will NOT be hosting a baby shower for her.  Understood?