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Last night, Andy came over so we could talk.  It would have got along a lot smoother, if it weren't for his ridiculous need to break into an a capella song every time I say something that reminds him of some 1950's song. 

We have a few issues that we are trying to work through, and I'm not sure how this is going to turn out.  At one point, Andy actually complained that I have too many cats.  That might have been the last straw for the conversation.  My cats are very dear to me and I don't think I can be with someone who doesn't appreciate them.  Also, I'm starting to wonder if Andy and I are good for each other.  Yes, I love that Andy is a hard worker and a man who takes pride in his accomplishments, but is he really the one?  He follows Michael around like a puppy, worse than Dwight, even.  He falls victim to other's shenanigans and does not have strong control over his feelings.  I think I need a real man, one who strives for authority and doesn't allow others around him to goof around.  Andy is a loose cannon and I fear that me being with him may affect my reputation among my friend and colleagues. 

I am still trying to figure out what I should do, but it's not an easy choice.  I really wish Andy wouldn't have proposed in front of everyone at the office... that was a completely inappropriate place to do it.  Fireworks and ferris wheels are not my thing and he should know that.


I have a problem.  Well, actually, I don't have a problem... my friend... let's call her Noelle... she has a problem.  She promised to do something for her boyfriend.  Let's call him Nard.  But she soon realized that she didn't want to do that thing, so she talked to her other friend... we'll call him Kurt... and they ended up getting very very close.  This isn't even the bad part.  While Noelle and Kurt were.. getting close... this whore, Phyllis... I mean, Wendy... walked in on them and saw what they were doing.  Now my friend is worried, not only because her heart is being pulled both ways, but because she is afraid Wendy will say something to her whore friends that might embarrass my friend.

Does anyone have any advice?  Just so I can pass it along, of course.
I would spend more time on a journal entry, but I haven't completed my daily Bible reading yet.



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